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Pilot Testing

New Logic has run thousands of test samples for its customers across a wide variety of market applications. If fact, it is very probable that data already exist on a sample similar to yours. In any case, New Logic can test your material at its Emeryville facility to determine general performance parameters and feasibility of applying its patented VSEP technology to solve your separation needs. In addition, New Logic's testing program includes a comprehensive report outlining all pertinent data collected, samples of permeate and concentrate, and a recommendation on a system solution to meet your separation requirements. Click here to provide details regarding your application and receive data on similar streams already tested by New Logic.


As part of its full service approach to ensure that all customer needs are met right at startup, New Logic performs confirmatory pilot work at your facility once your order is placed to ensure optimal operating conditions and the best choice of membrane. This work is done by a qualified New Logic engineer on a Series LP System and makes use of your actual fresh feed material.

New Logic also rents the Series L & LP Systems for longer-term studies should you wish to evaluate multiple applications or study the VSEP technology within the context of your own development program. For further validation, customers can make use of New Logic's modern wet test facility to run samples on a full-scale pilot plant where all of the characteristics of a full-scale Series i system can be simulated. The Series L (0.5 ft2 /.05m2 of membrane area) and Series LP (16 ft2 /1.49m2 of membrane area) run on 230 volt 3 phase 50/60 hz and consumes about 1 KVA of power.

The feed pump can be supplied by New Logic, or can be user-supplied. The Systems are supplied on a caster-mounted frame, 2 foot square by 7 feet tall weighing approximately 500 pounds.

For detailed information on the Pilot Testing Program, please download the Pilot Test Information Package. (pdf)

All of the data and information collected during testing is used to customize a Series i to your specific requirements. Controls, motor sizing, membranes and materials of construction will all be specifically selected to assure an optimized system that will give many years of trouble-free service.

To schedule testing or Series L or LP rental, please contact us or complete an Application Analysis Form.

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