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Dairy Processing

Is acid whey dissolving your operating budget? VSEP is here to help! Using our patented vibrating membrane system, you can separate your waste stream into ultra-pure water for reuse and concentrated protein for sale.

If you're a Greek yogurt producer, you already know the stats: up to 75% of the milk volume you bring into your facility will leave as acid whey, and most or all of it will be hauled away in tanker trucks. But what percentage of your profits are leaving along with it? Let's do the math:

  • 100 GPM of acid whey = 144,000 gallons per day
  • That's twenty-nine 5,000 gallon tank trucks per day
  • If each tank truck load costs $1,000 to haul away, that's $0.20/gal
  • If the plant operated 24/7 x 365, that adds up to nearly $10.6 million/year

Now let's compare that with VSEP:

  • 100 GPM of acid whey = 144,000 gallons per day
  • If VSEP operates at 75% recovery, 75 GPM is transformed into pure water sent back for reuse within the plant (39.4 million gallons/year) and 25 GPM contains all of the concentrated proteins which can be sold, dried, or further separated to create high value protein products (18%-20% solids) which can be sold as an animal feed supplement
  • Factoring in power, membrane replacement and membrane cleaners, VSEP's operating costs are about $0.006/gal ($315k per year) which is 97% less than hauling

As you can see, VSEP is not only profoundly less expensive than hauling, it's a far more sustainable choice. Using VSEP, you get these green benefits:

  • Water savings
  • CO2 savings
  • Energy savings

The choice is clear: VSEP is the right solution for the acid whey challenge you face. The technology is mature, the team is solid, and the payback will make your accountants' heads spin. Think it's too good to be true?

Let us prove it to you.

We'll send a pilot-scale VSEP system to your facility and show you what VSEP can do in person, in real-time. Or send us a sample and visit our facility along San Francisco Bay to witness the testing. We already know it works—all we need now is you.

Read more below or contact us to discuss your particular application.

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VSEP Technology

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Greek Yogurt Wastewater Solution

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