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Technical Articles Featuring VSEP

Evaluating Traditional and Innovative Concentrate Treatment and Disposal Methods for Water
Recycling at Big Bear Valley, California
James C. Lozier, P.E., Ufuk G. Erdal, Ph.D., Anne F. Lynch, P.E., Steven Schindler P.E.
Effect of Shear Rate on Membrane Fouling
Hokkaido University
Field demonstration of pervaporation for the separation of volatile organic compounds from a surfactant-based soil remediation fluid
Journal of Hazardous Materials
Filtration of Aliphatic Baseoils
Nordcap International Svenska, Thermtech AS
Full-scale vibrating pervaporation membrane unit: VOC removal from water and surfactant solutions
Journal of Membrane Science
Industrial Strength Membrane Filtration
Greg Johnson & Brad Culkin, PhD
As seen in Chemical Processing Magazine
Introduction to Vibratory Shear Enhanced Membrane Process and its Application in Starch Wastewater Treatment
Liquid Purification Engineering International Co.,Ltd
Kinetics of Mineral Scale Membrane Fouling Greg Johnson, Dr. Brad Culkin PhD., Michele Monroe
Reduction of concentration polarization in pervaporation using vibrating membrane module Journal of Membrane Science
Reducing Water Consumption in Industry using VSEP Membrane Technology Australian Hardboards, FIL-TEK, Foster's Chem Eng Pty Ltd
Separation of Solid Residues after SSF and SHF in Fuel Ethanol Production from Spruce Mats Galbe, Linda Pilcher and Christian Roslander, Lund University
Sodium Hydroxide Recycling System Environmental Security Technology Certification Program, U.S. Department of Defense
Solve Membrane Fouling Problems With High Shear Filtration Chemical Engineering Progress

Books Featuring VSEP include the following:

A Practical Approach to Water Conservation for Commercial and Industrial Facilities Mohan Seneviratne

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