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VSEP Case Studies and Application Notes

Acid Mine Drainage VSEP helps meet discharge guidelines, recycles water and improves mine economics
Algae Dewatering VSEP dewaters algae
Beer Recovery from Spent Yeast VSEP saves brewers money and time by recovering beer from tank bottoms
Biogas Effluent VSEP treats effluent from biogas (anaerobic digester) plant for reuse, creating a fertilizer product in the process
Black Liquor VSEP pre-concentrates black liquor in pulp and paper mills to reduce evaporator load and cut energy costs
Boiler Feed Water VSEP improves industrial boiler performance and reduces blowdown frequency by a factor of ten
Bottled Water VSEP increases recovery, reduces waste at bottled water plant.
Box & Bag Plant Effluent VSEP helps box and bag plant meet discharge limits and pre-concentrates starch prior to evaporation
Carbon Black VSEP concentrates carbon black slurries
Colloidal Silica VSEP replaces centrifuges, cuts energy costs and reduces evaporator load
Coolant Recovery VSEP helps Shanghai automotive factory achieve a 100X reduction in C.O.D.
Cooling Tower Blowdown VSEP removes TDS from cooling tower blowdown and makes it suitable for reuse or discharge to surface waters.
Desalter Effluent
VSEP debottlenecks refiinery and provides nearly instantaneous payback
Drinking Water VSEP treats well and surface water to provide ultra clean drinking water
Ethanol Production VSEP beats decanter centrifuge at solids removal from ethanol biomass
Ethanol Production VSEP used for ethanol production from spruce
Ethanol Production An overview of VSEP's role in ethanol production from both sugar cane and corn sources
Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) VSEP removes selenium and other potentially harmful constituents from flue gas scrubber systems
Fuel Storage Tank Bottom Water VSEP recovers fuel and creates a clean water stream that exceeds discharge requirements
Glycol Recovery VSEP recycles airplane deicing fluid, protects the environment and provides eight month payback
Herbicide Wastewater VSEP treats herbicide wastewater
Industrial Wastewater & Fluid Recycling VSEP replaces crossflow membrane systems, filtering industrial wastewater at pulp and paper mills
Industrial Laundry Wastewater Treatment VSEP recycles 80% of water for Seattle laundry and provides rapid return on investment
Landfill Leachate VSEP helps landills to meet strict discharge guidelines by removing suspended solids and dissolved organics and inorganics from landfill leachate
Landfill Leachate Case Study: El Bordo Poniente VSEP solves landfill leachate problems at Bordo Poniente Landfill in Mexico City
Landfill Leachate Case Study: El Presidente VSEP treats landfill leachate in Buga, Colombia
Landfill Leachate Case Study: Virginia VSEP rejects BOD, arsenic and amonia at Virginia landfill.
Landfill Leachate Case Study: El Inga Landfill VSEP solves long-standing landfill leachate problems in Quito, Ecuador
Landfill Leachate Case Study: Cerro Patecon, Panama VSEP treats landfill leachate at a Panamanian landfill.
Landfill Leachate Case Study: Santo Domingo Landfill VSEP treates landfill leachate in Ecuador
Lanthanide Mining/Milling Effluent VSEP filters mine tailing pond effluent with no pre-treatment required
Latex Emulsion Concentration VSEP concentrates PVC latex to 68% solids and reduces spray dryer load
Medium Density Fiberboard VSEP treats thermomechanical pumping effluent with no pre-treatment required at a major MDF plant
Manure Slurry Filtration Filter manure slurries directly before, after, or in place of anearobic digesters with a reverse osmosis VSEP membrane system, providing potable water for the animals and a concentrated nutrient feedstock for fertilizer.
Metal Hydroxide Treatment VSEP filters mixed metal hydroxides and improves efficiency at an Electrochemical Machining facility
Metal Plating VSEP treats metal plating wastewater with no chemical addition and a filtrate well below MP&M discharge limits
Oily Wastewater VSEP's low operating cost and superior performance provide a high-tech alternative for oily wastewater processing
Organic & Inorganic Pigment Concentrating VSEP concentrates pigment additives to 70% solids and provides quick payback
Organic & Inorganic Pigment Washing VSEP recovers pigment and provides filtrate that exceeds discharge requirements
Paper Coating Effluent
VSEP recycles coating material and water for reuse in paper coating facility
Polymer Diafiltration Diafiltration of polymers with VSEP provides unprecedented performance and product quality with no pretreatment
Phosphate Filtration VSEP filters phosphate products, adding value while improving efficiency
Precious Metals Recovery VSEP provides crystal clear permeate and recovers precious metals from the mining leachate at 97% recovery
Produced Water
VSEP filters produced water, saving money while protecting the environment
RO Reject (brine) VSEP takes reverse osmosis where it has never been before, further concentrating RO reject (brine) streams to increase overally recovery to 99%.
Tannery Wastewater VSEP treats tannery brine wastewater
Ultra-pure Water River water is filtered for use in an electronic disk manufacturing facility in Hokkaido, Japan
Waste Oil Recycling VSEP recycles used motor oil at 90°C providing a filtrate suitable for use as marine grade diesel fuel or lube oil feedstock
Whitewater VSEP removes fibers, fines and fillers from paper mill whitewater and provides a filtrate suitable for reuse
Winery Wastewater VSEP saves wineries water and eliminates the need for storage ponds.


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