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February 22, 2018
Vibrating RO Membrane System Solves Leachate Problem for Colombian Landfill

March 22, 2017
Vibrating Membrane System Helps Turn Cow Manure into Clean Water & Organic Fertilizer

February 6, 2017
Nestlé Bottling Plant Goes ZLD with VSEP
September 7, 2016
New Logic Research and Agrotropico Combine to Create World's First Zero Waste Palm Oil Mill
April 22, 2015
Niagara Bottling Finalizes Agreement With New Logic Research to Install VSEP® Brine Minimization System

January 8, 2013
New Logic’s Vibrating Reverse Osmosis Membrane System Solves Leachate Treatment Problem at Ecuador’s El Inga Landfill

December 14, 2012
UC Davis Olive Center Evaluating VSEP for the Olive Industry

May 24. 2012
New Logic CEO Embarks on Trade Mission to Russia

February 8, 2012
VSEP System Transforms Landfill Leachate into Crystal Clear Water for Reuse

November 8, 2011
VSEP Membrane System Converts Liability to Asset While Improving Ethanol Yields
March 1, 2011
New Logic Research Transforming Ethanol Production in Brazil
February 1, 2011
Research and Technology Combine to Revolutionize Non-Wood Paper Production
January 15, 2011
New Logic Research Introduces Powerful Demonstration Technology
January 26, 2010
New Logic Research Partners With Kantharos Process Water Systems to Serve the Winery Market

October 5, 2009
VSEP a Key Component of the WateReuse Foundation's 2009 Desalination Project of the Year
July 3, 2007
New Logic Research Completes First European VSEP Installation for Hog Manure Treatment; Success in Manure Market Catalyzes European Expansion
May 23, 2007
New Logic joins Governor Schwarzenegger in Environmental trade mission to Canada
November 8, 2006
New Logic joins Governor Schwarzenegger in Environmental trade mission to Mexico
September 21, 2006
New Logic participates uin the cermonial commisioning of the VSEP system at Australian Hardboards
August 29, 2006
Breitburn Energy chooses VSEP for oilfield produced water treatment
February 15, 2006
New Logic Commissions VSEP Membrane Filtration System for Clean Coal Innovator KFx
November 21, 2005
Preliminary Trials Completed Using VSEP Vibratory Membrane Filtration for Treatment of Acidic Wastewater from Phosphate Ore Processing
August 9, 2004
VSEP Takes Manure Management into the 21st Century
July 21, 2004
New Logic Research Announces New Line of High-Performance Membrane Cleaners
July 6, 2004
VSEP Vibratory Membrane Filtration System First North American Installation for Treatment of Hog Manure
February 27, 2003
VSEP Solves Desalter Effluent Problems for Oil Refineries
February 10, 2003
New Vibratory Membrane Filtration System Targets Low Flow Industrial Applications
December 4, 2002
Innovative Membrane Based Process System Reduces Water and Energy Use While Recycling More Waste
Sinclair Knight Merz
June 10, 2002
College on Forefront with Clean Water from Manure
May 30, 2002
Ontario Entrepreneurs Ride Manure Tech Wave
Western Producer
April 30, 2002
New Logic Research Develops High Temperature Membrane Filtration System
October 1, 2001
Recent Additions to the New Logic Representative Team
May 1, 2001
Landfill Leachate Treatment: VSEP Offers a Revolutionary Solution.
February 2, 2001
An Examination of the use of VSEP Nanofiltration Technology to Replace Cold, Warm and Hot Lime Softening
October 3, 2000
The Effect of Shear Rate On Controlling Concentration Polarization and
Membrane Fouling (pdf)
Hokkaido University


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