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  New Vibratory Membrane Filtration System Targets Low Flow Industrial Applications

February 10, 2003

New Logic Research, Inc., makers of the VSEP vibratory membrane filtration system, today announced the availability of the ultra compact P-50, a new addition to its VSEP product line aimed at applications with process flows up to five gallons per minute.

The VSEP P-50 provides all of the benefits of its larger predecessor, the VSEP Series i, including superior fouling resistance, unbeatable materials compatibility, and high solids capabilities up to 70%.

“For over 15 years, customers have been coming to us with uniquely challenging separation problems. Often times, VSEP is their only option,” said Chief Operating Officer, Greg Johnson.

“Unfortunately, for some of the low flow applications, a full scale VSEP system is beyond some budgetary limitations. The P-50 removes that barrier to entry, providing an affordable, powerful system with all the benefits of the full scale units.”

The key to VSEP’s fouling resistance is its patented vibrational drive system. The filter pack vibrates approximately 50 times per second at an amplitude of ¾ of an inch, generating incredible shear force directly on the membrane surface.

“The vibration enables us to perform high solids separations in a single pass—something that is unthinkable in a traditional crossflow membrane system,” adds Johnson.

Fully customizable, the P-50 is designed for superior performance across a wide application base, ranging from river water to chemical processing to wastewater.

“VSEP has the flexibility to handle virtually any process stream. If it can flow, we can separate it,” says Johnson.

Like the VSEP Series i, the P-50 employs an ultra compact design. In just six square feet of floor space, the P-50 can fit into the most crowded production or pilot plant environment.

The VSEP P-50 is in production now. To learn more about the P-50 and the entire VSEP product line, visit

About New Logic Research, Inc.

Headquartered in Emeryville, California, New Logic Research is the leading provider of high-performance membrane filtration systems used in a wide variety of applications from pure water and wastewater treatment to chemical process clarifications. Founded in 1986, New Logic has grown to meet the needs of its ever-expanding customer base, which includes major corporations from around the World. Today, New Logic provides a breadth of products and services for pure water and wastewater treatment, industrial and chemical processing, power, pulp and paper, oil and gas production and processing, paint and pigments and electronics industries.

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