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New Logic Research Introduces Powerful Demonstration Technology

With an eye on practicality, the new Series B unit has filled the gap in sharing the latest in VSEP technology. Scaled down and user-friendly, the Series B has all of the benefits of the LP unit, and at half the size, can easily be demonstrated anywhere.
"The Series B unit has the ability to overcome the limitations of standard units,” says Angie De Schutter, Lab Manager for New Logic. “This unit replicates the mechanics and separation abilities of VSEP for demonstration purposes. The compact size and complete package allows viewers to experience VSEP technology up close."

Having the smaller unit will not only allow for greater portability and enable representatives to show VSEP more efficiently, but also make more sense in a noise-sensitive environment. CEO Greg Johnson weighs in on the benefits of this practical feature:“There have been a few times in the past where, despite a lot of haranguing from our booth neighbors, we operated our Series LP VSEP at trade shows. During the few times that we did, the resonating VSEP was like a magnet to people passing by. Nobody could walk by without looking and stopping to ask about what it was. We were able to see the power of "seeing is believing." However the animus from our fellow trade show associates—who had the unfortunate luck to have a booth next to us—just became too much. One time when we stopped the unit from running, applause rang out from the contiguous colleagues.”

Creating the Series B was not simply a matter of scaling down the LP design. “We have always wanted a VSEP machine that we could demonstrate because the visual effect of operation is very powerful as a sales tool,” Johnson said. “After six years of development, we finally have a unit that allows us show our wares, but does not carry with it the problems we had with the larger Series LP.”

The new Series B is less than half the size and at about 145 pounds (66.7 kilos), it can be picked up by a strong person—no forklift required. It works with a 110v power outlet and uses less power than a hair dryer. Special power connections are no longer needed. Best of all, the new design is very quiet; is very easy to carry on a conversation while standing next to the operating unit.

About New Logic Research

Headquartered in Emeryville, California, New Logic Research is the leading provider of high-performance membrane separation systems used in a wide variety of applications from pure water and wastewater treatment to chemical process clarifications. Now in its twenty-third year, New Logic has grown to meet the needs of its ever-expanding customer base, which includes major corporations from around the world. Today, New Logic provides a breadth of products and services for pure water and wastewater treatment, industrial and chemical processing, energy, and other industries. For more information, please visit New Logic's Web site at


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