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  New Logic Research Partners With Kantharos Process Water Systems to Serve the Winery Market

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Jan. 26, 2010-- Northern California is known for its fine wines, but few think of the environmental impact of the winery operation as they sip their cabernet sauvignon. Enter Riechers Spence and Associates and Heritage Systems. In an effort to "green" the winemaking process, these two leading wine country firms teamed up to create Kantharos Process Water Systems. Their mission? To provide the best in engineering services and process water systems for the winery market.

While much has changed in winemaking over the past fifty years, water use and wastewater treatment has remained the same. Kantharos wanted to change that, and sought out an innovative and highly efficient separation system to make it happen. With the help of New Logic's engineers, Kantharos ran an extensive study of the VSEP vibrating membrane technology at one of the world's most well known wineries: Kendall Jackson, in Oakville, California. The results were extremely positive, and the first commercial installation is in the process of being implemented at Kendall Jackson's Santa Rosa facility.

"Our team realized that through the use of vibratory membrane technologies, we could drastically reduce the volume of fresh water needed for process washing. By using innovative engineering and environmental practices we were able to design a fully integrated approach to water management and conservation," said Hugh Linn, President of Riechers Spence and Associates.

"Our Emeryville location is just an hour from the Napa Valley, so it's a natural fit for us," said Greg Johnson, CEO of New Logic Research. "We've been building VSEP systems for the industrial market for over twenty years, but Kantharos saw the potential for reducing water use and reclaiming precious Napa Valley real estate through their innovative recycling process. We're excited about the partnership and the potential for growth in this market."

New Logic's partnership with Kantharos gives them exclusive rights to winery applications in Northern California. In addition to the Kendall Jackson installation, numerous other winery projects are currently in development.

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Headquartered in Emeryville, California, New Logic Research is the leading provider of high-performance membrane separation systems used in a wide variety of applications from pure water and wastewater treatment to chemical process clarifications. Now in its twenty-third year, New Logic has grown to meet the needs of its ever-expanding customer base, which includes major corporations from around the world. Today, New Logic provides a breadth of products and services for pure water and wastewater treatment, industrial and chemical processing, energy, and other industries. For more information, please visit New Logic's Web site at


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