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  New Logic Research Completes First European VSEP Installation for Hog Manure Treatment

Success in Manure Market Catalyzes European Expansion

July 3, 2007

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 3, 2007 -- New Logic Research, Inc., the maker of VSEP, the vibratory membrane separation system, announced today the successful installation of its first European VSEP separation system to treat anaerobically digested hog manure. The system was installed and commissioned in Belgium at a major hog farm. Six similar systems are presently on order for farms across Europe.

To enhance the European market entry of its patented VSEP membrane separation system, New Logic has joined forces with Eco Flanders of Belgium. Eco Flanders will market and distribute VSEP in Europe for the application of bio-methanation of raw manure. VSEP is used as the water treatment step in a comprehensive process developed by Eco Flanders where methane is recovered and converted to electrical energy.

Much attention has recently been paid to the environmental impact of livestock production. As a powerful greenhouse gas, some scientists have linked methane from livestock production to global warming. Untreated manure stored in large lagoons also represents a significant threat to the environment if it leaches into ground water or spills into waterways.

"Taking this waste product from an environmental liability and converting it to valuable byproducts that can be sold or reused makes good business sense," says New Logic's Chief Executive Officer, Greg Johnson. "By using a bio-methanation process that includes the VSEP separation process, the hog and dairy farmer can harvest and sell electrical energy and concentrated organic fertilizer while gaining clean water for reuse in their operations." If not needed, the water can be safely discharged.

Mr. Johnson and Ms. Melysa Reiss, New Logic's International Sales Engineering Manager, will be traveling to Europe this month to tour the new VSEP manure installation and to meet with other hog farmers currently considering the installation of their own separation and bio-methanation system. On the heels of this and other successful European VSEP installations, New Logic will soon be opening a European branch office to provide local sales and engineering support.

Along with its many industrial installations, New Logic has previously installed several manure separation systems in Korea, Japan, and Canada treating both biologically digested manure effluent and raw untreated manure. These installations are for both dairy cow manure and for hog manure and have been operating successfully since May of 2000. New Logic is also currently conducting field pilot trials at a large dairy farm in California to treat the manure effluent for discharge.

About New Logic Research, Inc.

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