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  VSEP Membrane Filtration System Takes Manure Management into the 21st Century

August 9, 2004

Emeryville, California (August 9, 2004) — In a new technical whitepaper released today, New Logic Research describes in detail how their VSEP Vibrating Membrane Filtration System provides results superior to all other existing manure treatment methodologies.

The most basic manure management system consists of storage lagoons followed by land application of the waste on local farmland. With the advent of large farms housing thousands of animals in a concentrated area, such a system is not feasible as the amount of waste exceeds the land area required for spray application.

“The VSEP system is a high-tech, yet simple solution for the complex problem of manure management” says New Logic’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Johnson. “Your average farmer is not a wastewater treatment expert, nor does he wish to become one.”

Continues Johnson, “Other manure treatment systems are complex and can be cumbersome to operate and maintain. With a fully automated VSEP system, the farmer can just turn it on and get back to the business of farming.”

The one-step VSEP system employs reverse osmosis (RO) membranes to separate manure lagoon water into clean, potable water for animal consumption and a concentrated nutrient slurry suitable for sale as fertilizer feedstock.

New Logic Research already has successful VSEP installations treating manure wastewater in both Japan and Korea. The first North American installation will be commissioned later this summer in Alberta, Canada.

The new whitepaper entitled “Membrane Filtration of Manure Wastewater” is available from the New Logic website located at

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