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  New Logic Research Announces New Line of High-Performance Membrane Cleaners

July 21, 2004

New Logic Research, Inc., the maker of VSEP, a vibratory membrane filtration system, announces the commercialization of it's newly formulated line of chemical cleaners designed to restore membrane system performance.

Many advances in membrane technology have occurred over the last 20 years
including perfecting membrane polymers for durability and beneficial surface
chemistries. Such advances have enabled membranes to be applied to increasingly
challenging industrial applications where fouling potential is high.

As more has been learned about membrane fouling, significant advances have been
made in membrane cleaner formulations. In recent years, New Logic scientists
have created many new chemical cleaning formulations specifically designed for
difficult industrial applications.

"Through the years, we had recommended various commercially available cleaners
to our customers," says Chief Operating Officer Greg Johnson, "but they all had
their drawbacks, like chemicals harmful to membrane life, high prices, and poor
performance. In order to better serve our customers, we set out to formulate our
own line of high-efficiency economical cleaners."

After years of R&D and proven success in the field, New Logic Research is now
proud to offer VSEP Advanced Cleaning Solutions to the general public. New
Logic's research scientists have developed several new cleaners for the most
difficult cleaning applications. With five categories of cleaners, a formula is
available for almost any fouling type in membrane systems, cartridge filters, or
resin exchange systems. Phosphate-free versions are also available.

To learn more about VSEP Advanced Cleaning Solutions, visit

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